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Applications and uses Widely used with a fuel gas for cutting, welding, brazing and soldering. The use of oxygen increases the flame temperature. In oxy-cutting, an oxy-fuel flame preheats the material to its ignition temperature. The oxygen is then triggered generating more heat and melting the material. The material in contact with the oxygen jet is oxidised, creating metallic slag which is blown from the cut, allowing more material to react with the oxygen. Thermal lancing oxygen is used in conjunction with the steel lance to create a high- temperature melting process capable of drilling or cutting through materials such as concrete, brick, stone and most metals. Used as an assist gas in lasers for cutting mild steel. WARNING Standard PTFE tape contains oil; oxygen reacts violently with oil and may spontaneously burn with an explosive force.
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A Range of 10 Litre x 200 Bar Rental Free Industrial Gas Cylinders.