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TIG welding Stainless Steels Argon is the simplest gas for TIG welding stainless steels and nickel alloys. Argon produces a clean welding arc, and is suitable for all grades of stainless steel. However the arc is relatively cold and can suffer from fusion and porosity problems as the material being welded gets thicker.
There is a wide range of aluminium, copper and titanium alloys
MIG/TIG Both MIG and TIG welding are widely used for welding these nonferrous alloys. The choice of process is similar to that for other alloys in that MIG tends to be used for high-productivity and TIG for highprecision welding. Pure Argon Best suited for welding thin sections. When used for MIG welding it can give welds with high levels of reinforcement, poor fusion and porosity when welding thicker sections. When MIG or TIG welding copper some level of preheating is normally required.
MIG welding Stainless Steel MIG welding using solid wire is an important process for joining stainless steels, usually with argon or argon/helium-based mixtures. These gases also contain small amounts of an oxidising gas such as oxygen or carbon dioxide to stabilise the arc. By blending a mixture of argon and 2.5% carbon dioxide is a general purpose gas mixture for MIG welding stainless steels. It gives a good wetting action and produces smooth welds with little or no spatter and low surface oxidation. This reduces the need to use aggressive chemical cleaning agents after welding.
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